HV Test System and PD

>Why do we perform High Voltage Test at site?

High Voltage test is one of the final and often the most important commissioning test for a High Voltage plant / equipment.  It is a quality assurance test repeated at site to check on the quality of factory production and workmanship after final installation is completed. 

>Is High Voltage Test destructive?

High Voltage test can be destructive if the applied voltage exceeds the test voltage and test duration recommended by IEC or Cigre standards/committee.  E.g.  XLPE insulation shall not be tested at voltage which exceed 17kV per mm thickness of XLPE insulation as per Cigre commendation.

>What kind of High Voltage Test is possible at site?

There are HVDC (0Hz), VLF (0.1Hz) and HVAC (20-300Hz) tests.  Depending on the test object (Whether distribution or transmission assets), we will recommend suitable test voltage and type of tests to be performed.  Our capabilities for HVAC test is possible up to 560kV suitable for testing of assets up to 500kV system voltage.

>What values does our customer get from HVAC testing?

We have experienced insulation failure, Joint failures on new High Voltage Plant / Equipment.  The defect was repaired and retested before it is qualified for operation.

>Can we get more value from High Voltage Test?

Advanced Diagnostic measurement like Partial Discharge measurement can be carried out during High Voltage test.

>What kind of test equipment do we use for testing?

We test only with the best!