HIGH VOLT Products


Automated Test System for Distribution Transformers – DiTAS

The DiTAS test system has been designed for type and routine tests on distribution transformers.

It satisfies the requirements of IEC 60076 

On-Site Test System for GIS Transformers and Cable Systems  – WRV

The WRV test system has been designed with non moving parts which is robustly build for on-site testing with frequent transportation.  This is a frequency resonant test system with variable frequency from 20-300Hz with sinusoidal waveform that conforms with IEC standards for on-site tests.

Partial Discharge Measurement system – MPD600 & ICM Compact

Other Tests Systems available for other applications

  1. Factory Test Systems
  2. High Current Test Systems
  3. Test Systems for Defence / Metrological Research Institutions
  4. Test Systems for Education / Universities
  5. Test systems for GIS, Transformer and Cable Factories
  6. Test Systems for Utility Companies