Transformer, OLTC Maintenance services

MR Transformer / OLTC Maintenance

Installation and Retrofit of TAPCON in existing Control Panel

Transformer Oil Change and Oil Treatment

MR Transformer/OLTC Maintenance Services

Lifting of the OLTC from the transformer
OLTC upon removal from its compartment
To remove carbon residue from the insulating cylinder
Investigation of contact wear
Insulation cylinder of OLTC before maintenance
Insulation cylinder of OLTC after maintenance
OLTC lowered into compartment
Transformer OLTC Tank Top before maintenance
Transformer OLTC Tank Top after maintenance

Installation and Retrofit of TAPCON in Existing Control Panel

  • Retrofitted Digital winding temperature meter installed at site
  • Retrofit solution of ED100S to replace old motor drive
  • Retrofit solution for maintenance free breathers

Retrofit existing AVR panel with the latest TAPCON

Advantages include:

  • Less down time
  • Less cost
  • No issue on space constraints

Transformer Oil Change and Oil Treatment

Oil filtration machine used for oil treatment
Operate the filter machine to purify the oil
The purification process consists of degasification and removal of moisture
Transformer oil from OLTC before maintenance
Transformer oil from OLTC after maintenance